About Me


Good day to you all! Welcome to Flycon.com, home to all avid gamers looking for a community to share their stories and find new friends! My name is Flycon and I will be creating amazing blogs and interesting guides into all things gaming. I am sure that you will be able to find something that you enjoy here.

Bit about my life:

I have loved video games all my life, since I was young I have been introduced to the new consoles such as the Playstation and the Nintendo Gameboy. Now as an 18 year old I am still carrying that passion, I have made video games a core part of my life, and I do not regret it.

How can I help?

I want to create a home for all gamers, a place that they feel welcome and enjoy themselves. I have always wanted to bring my passion for gaming into other people’s lives, even if I make one person’s day better, I know that I have achieved something.

So please, sit back, and enjoy the scenery and get involved. Do not be afraid to comment on my work, or other people’s work, all criticism is welcome here as long as you’re not toxic. 🙂

The goal of Flycon.com

Whether you are a mainstream gamer, or a gamer who plays niche and not very well known video games, I want to be able to branch out to everyone.

In terms of my blog side of the site, I wish to entertain people through my writing, and give out balanced arguments even if I feel biased about a certain game. I will always give positives and negatives where there is need for both.

On the other hand, my guides are going to be helpful and insightful. They may be few and far between, however if I see a lot of people having the same issue within a game (on my site, or personally in game), I will make sure I create an updated guide for those who are stuck and looking for the solution. My goal is for gamers to talk with others about my site, for example: Player 1: “I have no idea how to get past ____” – Player 2: “Oh I saw a guide for that on flycon.com, let me link you”.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,